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betfair account closed !

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Have I really spent all these years trying to come up with a winning strategy if (I finally manage it) my accounts will be closed?

How can Betfair legally take winnings because they deem it illegal?

I'm staggered beyond belief and may as well give up now, I'm sure they'd be happy if everyone lost over the long run... :(

As a company they appear to be in some turmoil.  A large number of senior and middle management have left since the floatation, and the share price has steadily tumbled over the last 6 months from an opening price of £1550, down now to £612.  As their bigger investors start asking questions, they need to show a road map to increase pofitability....don't know why that means getting all arsey with people testing their systems and betting small amounts but I guess the strain on their infrastructure versus the gains they make is starting to impact their bottom line.

Don't think they're bothered by outside investors - it was only a 16% flotation.


--- Quote from: mcbee on Mon, 15 August, 2011, 14:21 ---i also pointed out that you cannot bet below the betfair limit on the website.

--- End quote ---

I hope betfair reconsiders your suspension. Betfair support members seem to have no restrictions how to deal with requests. If your request is done or not depends only on the support member who deals with your request. If you want to raise the limit, it is a good idea to send the request once per day to support (as independent request, no citation of the previos requests! ) as long as your case is done.  8)

Maybe I am the next an betfairs black list. Last week I misconfigured my horseracing trigger, minimum stake was 0.2 EUR instead of 2, result was a transaction fee of 87 EUR.

I place bets below the 2 EUR limit frequently, it is the only way to do a greenout if odds are high, but I avoid 0.01 stakes, because there exists a fraudulent strategy with 0.01 bets.

thanks for the reply.
i have been using the .01 no lose, but i cannot see how it is fraudulent strategy,to bet at .01 or 1.99, then bot still sends 2.00 plus.
i will have a go at sending to support.



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