Author Topic: External livefeeds that you wish to have in MFP - Collaborative effort!!!  (Read 3141 times)

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as I described in the post:!!!/

Excel can be transformed in a very good data hub. It can collect all infos offered on the web from third party content providers (consider bookies as such), that make us better decision makers in strategies we apply.

These infos can be processed and offered to us via custom cells.

So, I propose that we collaborate to assemble a list with all needed feeds we wish to have access to.


Horse racing - Soccer - Tennis - Basketball - Baseball - Hockey - Rugby - Cricket - Handball

Please, insert any additional sport

Every week I will keep the list updated with all proposed feeds.
Then we will define priorities.

Each proposal might have the following form:

Sport: Soccer
Title: Live score feed
Description: A livescore feed from, with red-yellow cards, correct timing, and league positin
Concerns: Trading (other tags: Arbitrage, statistics,...)
Feed Type: html table
Notes: It is fast and reliable
Paid: Free (30 euros / month)

Please, insert any additional field.

xml feeds from all bookies  can be proposed.
Please, include the most infos you can find for the feed you wish to have, especially URL or web service call.

Best Regards,


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Hi Theodore,

I'm surprised that there is not more feedback to this thread.

What you have developed now is what I was waiting for to be developed and integrated into Marketfeeder by Welldonesoft!

For my side, I would be interested also in Greyhound live odds, and, if there was a good xml feed for odds comparison of uk horse racing (next three or five races would be sufficient), I would be very happy.


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Even as an information database, such a collection is very valuable.

If you know all the available info feeds (paid or free) for every sport in the market...