Author Topic: Green up with an unmatched bet  (Read 1616 times)

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Green up with an unmatched bet
« on: Sat, 21 May, 2011, 01:19 »
On this example, I matched a BACK of 10eur at 1.49 to make a 1% profit (around 10cents).

If I turn on the option Auto-Green Up and put a 1% profit, the MF will WAIT until the BACK PRICE goes down to 1.47 and then a LAY PRICE will be available to be placed.

Why the MF doesnt place an umatched LAY at 1.47 and just wait to be matched?

Is it possible to do that with the MF?

This way I would be less time with an open bet without a green because my unmatched could be matched any time.

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Re: Green up with an unmatched bet
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 21 May, 2011, 05:39 »
if you use    attempt to greenup    trigger, this will place the bet until matched (make sure that you set to keep).
so new trigger
attempt to green up      % 1           keep
all markets                          all selections
all markets                       (trigger name/number)
once per selection
any selections    back matched  is greater than 0

so if you manualy place a back bet, as soon as it is matched the trigger will place the green up bet to get matched.

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