Author Topic: Help with User Variable or Remeber Trigger  (Read 1508 times)

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Help with User Variable or Remeber Trigger
« on: Wed, 12 January, 2011, 21:37 »
Hi, I hope someone can help me.  I seem to have a basic misunderstanding of the "Remember " and "Set user Variable" trigger actions.

I want to record a variable for every selection, in every race, separately, and for example replace the value with the back price, if the current back price is greater than the previous value of the variable. (ie to record the highest peak to date).

I wanted to call the variable something like "sel_name_max_bp" so that it started with the horses name to make it disctrete from any other selections.

You do not seem to able to use "Set User Variable" in this way - has any one got any helpful suggestions ?