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Dear clients and members of our community!

I know this year has probably been tough for some of you, so you’ll looking for a much-expected holiday relief and something to look forward to!

We have been working hard to deliver new products and services to you this year, and we could not do it without your priceless feedback (and sometimes a good nudge in the right direction).

We want to thank you by offering our Holiday promotion on all our betting products!

From 17/12/2018 till 07/01/2019, buy one subscription, get one FREE!

The promotion applies to subscriptions of any duration to the following software products:

Additionally, as part of this promotion, we’re offering great discounts to our BetVPS subscriptions:

Mini  Month:  £30 £23    Year £234 £197
Optimal  Month: £40 £33    Year £334 £297
Professional  Month: £60 £53    Year £534 £497

So now is the best time to try the automated betting experience with full control over your bets!

If you have just purchased a subscription, don’t despair, you can take advantage of this promotion too! Purchase a new subscription, and its days (and the free days as well) will be automatically added to the existing expiration date, so you will enjoy your favourite betting bot longer for the same money.

Choose the best option for your needs and give yourself the gift you have deserved!

Happy holidays to everyone!

Best regards,
WellDone Creative Software Team.

*Please note that additional trigger requests are not added to your subscription under this free extension.
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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