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host_count problem
« on: Sat, 26 November, 2011, 00:17 »
Hi. I have a problem.

I am of on a weeks vacation and I want MFP to run and I want MFP to reload once every night. I am using the trigger expression total_won. What I want is to clear the account statement, because if I don't MFP wont bet if MFP reached the days set goal.

I have a separate trigger action with a reset win/loss history but I don't get it to work properly.

The trigger:
Markus status: Not in-play
Execute: Once per market
Conditions: are met
Tigger expression: host_count is equal to 0

And I have: Settings -> Betting options -> Account Statement -> Retrieve data that are not older than 0 days

I have also set Monitor option -> Scheduler -> On program's upstart checked and exactly what is set to 00:00:01. Meaning I am not having any trouble loading markets.

How do I get MFP to clear account statement? And if there is anything else you can advice me on regarding this please do.