Author Topic: How "know" the result of an event before it is settled by BF  (Read 2464 times)

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Hi again,

A little problem with the settled markets.

My staking plan depends on the result of the last market that I have bet.If the next event begins before the previous market,then the stake won t be the right one.
What I mean?

Lets say my staking plan is last_lost*2 else 10.
Market 1: Bet 10 ,LOST.
Market 2: Normally it would be 20.But Market 1 is not settled,so it will bet again 10.

A solution to this?

I thought that I could leave a period of time before the next event,so not bet for about 5-10 minutes.
But could it be done with a variable to remember for example?If my matching selection reaches odds 1000,would it be enough to "know" the final result?

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I am wondering the same thing... the 1000 thing might work?


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