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Improved profits
« on: Mon, 28 March, 2011, 21:36 »
I have a trigger that does a calculation and then offers odds on specific selections. It's promising, but I want to improve profits even more.

I am laying at fixed stakes using default_backa .. so no matter what the odds I always lay say $10.

Now the improvement ... I only want to offer at best price + 1 to a maximum of my calculation. If my odds are no longer at the front, "cancel then lay" at the front or to the max I am prepared to offer.

How is this going to improve profit you ask .. hopefully the losers will be matched at slightly lower odds meaning lower losses ... and I will still hopefully get filled as much as now.

I am not going to be around during the week to monitor it should I implement it, and that could mean losses (missed profits) if it is not implemented properly.
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