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Please help
« on: 30 Apr 2011, 02:43 »

I am willing to pay a trigger developer to create the following trigger for me:
Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
The trigger condition should be something like this:

AND selection’s total matched volume in the last 1 min as a percentage of its total matched volume in the previous min is....

(i.e. So if £2000 was traded (matched) on a selection between 13:54 and 13:55 and £2500 traded (matched) on the same selection between 13:55 and 13:56 then the percentage would be 25% ... 2500 divide by 2000 x 100 = 25%

If such a trigger condition is already possible by changing the settings then Mcbee, Tim Vetrov, Oxa or anyone else please tell me how to do it so that you can save me money.


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Re: Please help
« Reply #1 on: 30 Apr 2011, 08:54 »
you don't say if fav or more.
for the fav
you need 1 trigger
set user variable   (name)
value box  market_volume*((r_1_volume)/100)
the time that you want to record the traded amount

then in your betting trigger condition
and trigger expression  market_volume*((r_1_volume)/100)  is equal or greater than name*1.25

so if the traded amount is now 2500 and at the time you recorded the traded amount is was 2000, it will place a bet
because name*1.25=2500 and it is now 2500 so it equals the prev amount.

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