Author Topic: Please help with this trigger  (Read 2323 times)

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Please help with this trigger
« on: 30 Mar 2011, 17:27 »
Within the same trigger,

Part A - I want to lay a selection whose *whose price decreased by
10 or more ticks over the last 60 minutes*. I then want to back the same
selection 5 minutes before the even starts. I only want to back this
selection 5 minutes before the even starts if my lay bet is matched. If my
lay bet is unmatched then I don’t want to back 5 minutes before the event

How do I do the above? Can you send me a ctrl print screen if possible?

I was wondering if it’s possible to include / incorporate (whichever word
you want to use) into the above trigger the following:

Part B - I want this trigger to start 50 minutes before the event
starts. Also, I want there to be at least a 15 minute time gap between the
lay and the back. So I want to lay no later than 20 minutes before the
events starts. I was thinking the following could be the right trigger
condition: Minutes Before the Off is between 20 and 50, but I think this
would be the wrong trigger condition as I also need to back the selection 5
minutes before the off.

I know part A is possible to do, I just don’t know how to do it, if you can
show me how to do it I would be grateful.

If part B is possible, then please show me how to do that also.


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Re: Please help with this trigger
« Reply #1 on: 31 Mar 2011, 13:37 »
first open the settings screen at the top right corner of the bot screen
now set Default markets history depth to 100 in general options
now open monitoring options and set Start monitoring events at  80.00
press save
now RELOAD your races to change the above settings
the reason for this is you need to monitor 80 mins to get 60 mins of history etc

you did not say what fav, so i have set to any that is -10 or less
and set to back any that was layed.

use test mode as i have not tested it fully.

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