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Trigger query
« on: 05 Apr 2011, 17:15 »

I have added the trigger condition: Minutes before off is equal to 5.

I want to add another trigger condition/expression to the same trigger. Is the following possible through a trigger condition/expression?

Only back at the current price if its the highest price till date i.e. from 1440 minutes before off till now.

For example, if man utd's price against arsenal is 2.00, 1440 minutes before kick-off. The price is 2.4 (20% higher than the 2.00) 5 minutes before kick off. But the highest pice till date was 2.54 32 minutes before kick off. So in this case the  2.4 would not meet the criteria for my trigger condition/expression as its not the highest price till date

So is it possible to do a trigger condition/expression such as  ...Only back at the current price if its the highest price till date

Please help


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Re: Trigger query
« Reply #1 on: 05 Apr 2011, 18:18 »
if your are talking 2 hrs
then you will have to set the default history depth to 120 mins
and monitor the market for 120 mins
then have a condition
and fitting selections back price is equal or greater than maxbp_120
this will only place the bet if the back price is equal or more than the maximun back price for the last 2 hours.
it might be better to give a little give in the max price by having, between r_ticks(maxbp_120,-5) and maxbp_120

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