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Download 14 day free
staking plan Backing By Kelly.

For 28/05/2011

Just run! See the results.

Staking plan operates only in real mode.
Settings MFpro found on this page newbielink: [nonactive]

PASSWORD:    trigger 

The strategy set as in newbielink: [nonactive]. Look in results.

Visit also newbielink: [nonactive] and set newbielink: [nonactive]

Have questions-write.

Good luck! ;)

Professional staking plans

newbielink: [nonactive]

Sure to visit the website.

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In the offer unique , fully automated strategies for
software MarketFeeder professional.
Such advanced strategies, you will find only here...
Plans are very advanced and carefully refined. Each is about 100 trigger,
and 2000 conditions!
All the strategies are more than 20,000 logic conditions, and 1000 trigger...

Cancelled bet, suspended market, market no the required criteria,
activity another market in the list? Strategies are ready for everything...
Staking plans are very intelligent-prepared for any eventuality in the market.
All strategies are precisely tested in real mode.
Strategy remembers rate, automatically deletes markets, always bet on the first markets that precisely calculates the settings on the first market, precisely place bet, price changes price, cancels bet,issue offers and buys offer and much more. Will do everything for you.
All information about the strategy can be found in the newbielink: [nonactive] on a particular page.
The following table lists the results, consistent with the optimal settings in the table.

They are fully compatible with the version of the Englisch, Italian and Russian MFpro.
The strategies are set optimally. Just run.
Each plan can freely newbielink: [nonactive]
Staking plans to sell at very newbielink: [nonactive].
Private Sales. All information about availability, please visit site newbielink: [nonactive].
If you have any questions-very willing to answer.
Contact private .Info on the site newbielink: [nonactive]

Characteristics all plans:

* Just set stake, and run-and the all-Strategies are set optimally
* Unique fantastic function "Minimum bets 0.01" and other...
* You can also manually adjust the settings-Operation variables is very simple
* Perfect matching real bets
* Work 24/h
* Complete flexibility configuration
* Blocking bets, over limit transaction
* Automatic delete all markets
* You do not wait for the finisched markets! System place bets, based on your account history
* The strategy calculates the settings on the first market in the list
* Operated all markets greyhounds
* Operated all markets horses
* You can trade on any horse and greyhound in all markets on the exchange Betfair
* Working on selected weekdays
* Priority betting in list - Greyhound Race
* Options "start"and "stop" strategy
* All types markets (UK, AUS, NZL, FRA, RPA, Place etc.)
* The strategy placed bets on the first market in the list
* Automatic switches UK - AUS Wallet statement
* Bets placed are not in play
* All strategies reset the history bets at the start session
and much more...

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