Author Topic: Something so simple has a snag for loss recoupment on next bet...  (Read 6413 times)

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So i have been recouping the cumulative losses on the next bet with this statement:

last_lost + 10
Bet of $10 bucks.  I have used a bet of 10 to simplify the example below but the numbers do not really matter that much, it is the solution that can be applied that will work for any bet amount that i am looking for.

This has been working fine until i ran into a snag.  I will give an example of how this turns into an issue by describing 3 bets.

Background:  All bets are in-play bets.

The snag is as follows:

Bet1 i Lose:
last_lost + 10
last_lost on the first bet is zero so the bet is $10.  I lose the first bet.

Bet2 i Lose:
10 + 10
last_lost of 10 + 10 gives me $20 on the 2nd bet.  I lose the second bet.

Bet3 i Win BUT...:
30 + 10
last_lost of 30 + 10 gives me $40 on the 3rd bet.  I win the 3rd bet but here is the issue, only $5 of the $40 was matched but the value "last_lost" has return to zero so i really have not recouped my losses.

The fourth bet will now only be $10 because (last_lost + 10) is the bet amount. Since there was a win on the previous bet last_lost=0.

I have been trying to determine a way to get around this and i have ran into a brain freeze.  I have looked at
the "Universal Loss Recoupment Plan" as posted on the website and that still will have the same issue if only
a portion of the bet gets matched and the bet is won.

Does anyone have a solution to this??

MarketFeeder Admin if you happen to read this can you point me in the right direction to solve this?

Thanks to everyone who can assist me.

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the simple answer is have 2 new triggers.
trigger 1
set user variable maxbank, amount  IF(test_mode=1,test_balance,balance)
one time only
trigger 2
set user variable maxbank, amount  IF(AND(test_mode=1,test_balance>maxbank),test_balance,IF(AND(test_mode=0,balance>maxbank),balance,maxbank))
condition, and minutes before the off (set to .5 more than your bet placing time)
once per market

amount in your backing trigger  10+(IF(test_mode=1,maxbank-test_balance,maxbank-balance)

this will keep a record of your balance, so at any time your balance is minus then the bet will increase until the balance has increased or has reached its max.

Please read the following  disclaimer with regards to the information you may request and obtain on our forum. This specifically concerns trigger files and various instructions as to how to implement a strategy.

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Awesome, works perfectly, thanks so much mcbee.

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I have come to your topic because I also need to over my loses. 
this formula is good. but if my triger places more then one bet, all of them will try to cover the difference between maxbank a and balance. but I need that only one bet places this higher bet and cover the loss. any Idea ?



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