Author Topic: The score in a soccer market settled in Test Mode  (Read 3410 times)

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The score in a soccer market settled in Test Mode
« on: Mon, 09 November, 2009, 20:56 »
Quite a lot of people have asked me the same question:

Why the score generated by MF Pro after a market gets settled in Test Mode does not comply with the actual outcome of the match?

I.e., a "Correct Score" ended with a winner "2 - 0", yet MF Pro shows score "0 - 0" for that market.

Here is my explanation.

It only happens if you have activated "Download results from BetFair wherever possible and settle markets automatically".

BetFair do not provide ANY information regarding the score of the match. So the program can't get the real score from their web site. Also it can't generate it randomly, because there might be markets (still unsettled) where it would contradict the actual outcome. For that reason the program leaves the score "0 - 0", and it does not influence the way your bets are settled.

Agli utenti italiani: il punteggio rimane a "0 - 0" solo quando si attiva l'opzione "Scarica i risultati eventi da BetFair se possibile e definisci i mercati automaticamente". Il programma non può scaricare il punteggio reale da BetFair, perché non viene mostrato su Per tale ragione il punteggio non si  genera e non influisce il modo per cui le scommesse vengono definite in tali mercati.
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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