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Trigger help needed.
« on: Wed, 03 November, 2010, 07:39 »
Please can someone help me to make this staking plan to add to my trigger ?
The principle is to recover losses without too much risk.
This plan will add one unit after one loss. If you are betting 10
units, then the next bet (only after a losing bet) so instead of
betting 10 it would be 20 units. After one win you will stay with the
same stake if the last was like the first or will decrease 1/5 (Stake)
if the last was bigger then the Start stake.
The first stake was 10 and you won. The second stake stills 10 and
you won again. you lost the 3rd bet so, in the 4th bet you will stake 20
(10+10). you won so you will decrease the last stake (20) in 1/5 of
the start stake (10). See the calculation: (1/5*10=0.2*10=2). Next
stake will be 20-2=18 (Bet # 5). And we will continue decrease 2
until the next lost (Bet # 7). After one lost we will increase the
stake by 1 unit (10 in this case). Next Stake will be 14 (the last
one) plus 10 (the start stake). Calculations (14+10=24) and this is
our Stake for Bet # 8. Then, as you can see you had a nice run with
9 wins in row. you will stop decreasing the last stake when reach
your usual stake .
l have upload the trigger for you to add the staking for me thanks.