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Version 2.0.4
« on: 13 Dec 2022, 16:41 »
Here are new features and changes for the new version:
1. Basketball matches - a scores info (total for now) for current and historical markets. Added NBA events since 2016. Slowly adding other ones, but unfortunately no scores on them.
2. Desktop notifications. With PRO subscription you can set to receive desktop notifications in these cases:
   - funds available changes
   - 1 minute before the current market's scheduled start
   - score changes (the current market or all markets from favourites)
   - before jumping to the next race
3. Now BFCharts supports exchange and Romanian language.
4. Changes:
   - shaded currency sign to make values more readable and changed signs for some currencies
   - changed appearance and behaviour of the custom bet amount field (use arrow keys to change the value by 0.01 or by 1 with Shift holded)
   - fixed texts and labels
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