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Imported picks bettingsrasmus.kivi17141449
Modify trigger requestColin Hughes10154534
Custom Multiplier Trigger Based on P/L for Previous MonthBobboMcJobbo49521
Make Me A TriggerGreig33522
Help with modifying the attached trigger.rasmus.kivi62848
Please can you make me the following triggerrobsmith4842040
modify trigger requestColin Hughes31561
Modify trigger requestColin Hughes31473
Cancel unmatched bets and re bet at a set percent lower for a higher stake.SimonSk100041742
Condition met for x time prior to triggerDavid Donkor41813
Cancel in-play lay bet if unmatched after x secondsrubold31629
make me a trigger based on laypro88hungrytazman32153
Number of horses based on odds of favouriteWaywyrd52300
Trigger RequestPaul Dixon32332
Trailing Stop-Lossrubold52087
trigger november 2020 c/o mcbeeNIKOLAS the GREEK37648
need this triggersamhayer42447
EW Bettingorion195132127
Trigger adjustingRyanWolf52438
Horse racing triggerzvonimir.babić33043
Delayed entry lay systemrosalind72432568
Trigger updaterepresentjah135031
Place bets from text file.rasmus.kivi72943
New XYZrosalind72452439
Simple TRigger Needed PleaseTripper42881
Make me a trigger Takis Nestoras83401
BACK - SOCCERlucasbortolini93414
[TR] Request!liltbrockie22641
[TR] Pick one from Home/Draw/Away marketRyanWolf63893
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