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Mod to Cash GeneratorLordLucan3694
Football lay the draw triggerfumusic3667
Trigger requestandrew.farrar3981
Lay The DrawMartinK212596
[TR] Lay at HT with loss recoupzvonimir.babić41240
[TR] football green up with more potential win on one outcomebazzer3944
[TR] Dutching triggerMartinK284392
[TR] Lay the Draw with special conditions triggerVanbasten21328
[TR] LTD @ HTken31603
[TR] Football match odds trigger createdmungo200722494
[TR] Lay the draw and back correct scoreSedu2732982
[TR] Trigger LTD GO RECOVLuciano Abreu31381
[TR] Lay Draw if game is 00 at HTneilbom21565
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