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Help with modifying the attached trigger.rasmus.kivi6831
Cancel bets and cash out if top 2 are within 10 percent bsp at race start.SimonSk10004634
Trigger Requestiamgazza5998
Back at sp lay inplay 10 ticks profitcraig81119713933
One minute before race start. Selections in txt file.rasmus.kivi41643
Modification of the triggerprofitfella51438
Please make me a trigger to lay the 2nd favourite greyhound at SP in odds rangeGrahamYapp41593
SP Back to Lay for a defined %Antika2251466
NEED A TRIGGERmyadrian31616
Custom Odds less than BSP, then place at BSP.nenwmn41855
[TR] Horse racingrasmus.kivi21664
[TR] Dobbing Trigger Requestken123443
[TR] Keep bet at BSPJimbo62381
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