Author Topic: [TR] In-play backing on possible horse race winners in Place markets  (Read 2086 times)

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Yeah Hi ,

Could you add and following to your trigger:
In-play backing on possible horse race winners in Place markets

- Back depending on seconds inplay by mile instead of percentage:
For example if a race is one mile then wait 20 seconds inplay before placing bet, if the race is 2 miles wait 40 seconds inplay before placing bet etc..

- Lay bet instead of backing to cut loss : instead of placing a second bet on the new fav , please just place a unmatched lay bet on the first selection at 3.35 odds of half back stake. For example if back bet was £10 then an unmatched lay of 5 will be placed at odds of 3.35 in the place market at the same time. If the lay bet gets matched I would lose just over 5 instead of 10 if the selection does not place.
So I am only backing the first selection and not backing the new fav if using this viable.

- Check odds in the win market before placing the bet: before placing the bet in the place , check if the odds of the selection are below a price I set, if not below that price don’t place bet.

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SHi ,

What is the rough time scale for the above ?

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Sorry please cancel the above and instead could you amend my attached trigger to use the staking plan 2-6.

I just want the attached to back using my attached settings , but use the staking plan 2-6. I also need it to carry over to the next day so it should look at 'last bet on statement' the next day to stick to plan.


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Please see your triggers attached.

Make sure you have tested them thoroughly in Test Mode, including restarting the software in the middle of the cycle to test whether it picks up the previously lost amounts.
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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Great stuff ,

I post here my results :) , I have found some settings after trail and error. It looks very profitable, however only live testing will prove it.


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