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[TR] Request!
« on: 14 Oct 2018, 10:47 »
Hi I think I am allowed one request!

I would like one based of this description!

This servant is for use mainly on pre-off horse racing or greyhound markets.

Once started on a selection the servant will be active during the final 20 mins before the event start, during this time it will monitor for a 1 tick gap between its back and lay bet and if it sees one will fill it using servant context stake (the value of the stake you have chosen at the time of starting the servant on that selection), if matched this will be offset by 1 tick with greening. If not matched within 10 seconds, it will be killed.

The bet can be either a back or lay bet and will be determined by the WOM when the gap appears, over 70% WOM on the lay side the servant will fill the gap with a lay bet, if there is over 70% WOM on the back side it will fill the gap with a back bet.

Fill Gap.jpg

If neither side is over 70% then no bet is placed.

Once there are no unmatched bets on a selection the servant is free to repeat the process again if another gap appears, it will continue with this until you stop it.

You can start this servant on as many selections as you wish and at the same time.

To use the file just click on the ASC Fill the Gap.Baf attachment link below and this will download it to your computer, then open your Servant Manager window and click the rules link at the top and then "Import a Rules File" as shown in the image, once imported it will now appear in your dropdown boxes and is ready to be started whenever required.

Once you have it imported into your Servant Manager it can be edited very easily simply by clicking on "Edit Rules File".

With any servant always run in practice mode first to ensure everything is working fine, and repeat this each time you make any changes.

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Re: Request!
« Reply #1 on: 15 Oct 2018, 07:47 »
here is your trigger , in the constants you can set.
Bet amount
Selection method                     r=rank            i-index
Maximum price for the main bets
Selections starting with
Selections ending with
Fill all unmatched bets at seconds before the start time
Stop placing bets seconds before the start time

please use test mode until you are happy with your settings


download the trigger below
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