Author Topic: Tennis trigger request  (Read 2431 times)

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Tennis trigger request
« on: 25 Apr 2019, 10:41 »

I would like to request a trigger that does the following for tennis
checks the fav is above 1.8
lays the winner of the first set
cashes out if the loser of the first set breaks serve or take the loss if the player layed breaks serve in the seconds set

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Re: Tennis trigger request
« Reply #1 on: 05 May 2019, 15:50 »

Please see your triggers attached. You can adjust them by configuring the constants inside the file.

I am also attaching a Market Locator search template.

Make sure you've tested the triggers in Test Mode. In order for the triggers to work correctly, you need to start refreshing the markets before the scheduled beginning (while they are still Idle).
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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