Author Topic: Please make me a trigger to lay the 2nd favourite greyhound at SP in odds range  (Read 1893 times)

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I would be very grateful if someone could make me a trigger please

I need to lay the 2nd favourite greyhound at SP if the lay SP is between 3.00 and 5.00

I've tried using "lay at SP" which is easy to control the higher odds price (5.00) but I want to cancel the unmatched bet, or not place it at all, if the SP is below the lower odds (3.00)

Apologies if I've missed out anything important, this is my first time on this forum

Many thanks in advance

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here is your trigger , in the constants you can set.
Bet amount liability SP lay minimum
Minimum back price to calculate SP
Maximum lay price for the SP
Minutes before the start time to place the SP bet

the minimum back price is set to 3.30 as when the SP is formed the price can drop a few ticks.
if you find that the SP price is no less than 3.20 then you can alter the minimum back price to 3.25 and check again but it is better to have the SP bet just above your required minimum.

please use test mode until you are happy with your settings


download the trigger below

If you need to have your triggers adjusted or add a new option / function to them after you have been supplied with a trigger file, please start a new topic.
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Perfect, thank you mcbee


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