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  1. Happy holidays 2023! Get a FREE subscription extension for the same price
  2. Version - Race duration in a variable; skip deleted markets and more
  3. Follow us on Instagram!
  4. Version new min bet size; P/L Ratio; Betting Interface revamp
  5. Happy holidays! Buy one get one FREE on all our betting products!
  6. MacOS / Linux
  7. MarketFeeder Pro more flexibility in Dutching bets
  8. Version - football score, new variables, ignore external bets, etc.
  9. Live betting stream?
  10. Version - compensation bets for laying small bets
  11. 2021 will be a better one! Buy one get one FREE on all our betting products!
  12. Be aware: BetFair closes accounts!
  13. Black Friday Limited Offer - a life-time licence for a one-off fee
  14. Version - Game Betting markets
  15. Version - fix for finished markets, login window and more
  16. Version -- silks images fixed, traded_minp_{volume}, etc.
  17. BetFair API maintenence
  18. Version - Base price for small bets, variables in write to a file, etc.
  19. BetFair API maintenance
  20. Free Time Machine and markets to test your strategies during the lockdown
  21. Version - more free markets in Time Machine
  22. Version - Import by Trap, user variables for selections, login via proxy
  23. 🎄Happy Holidays 2020! Buy one get one FREE
  24. Scores meet charts ;)
  25. Unprecedented sale of historical data for Time Machine
  26. Glossary of betting terms and MarketFeeder Pro terms is out
  27. Version - Football and Tennis score in Time Machine, new variables, etc.
  28. Version - the fix of instability of v.
  29. Version - once per racecourse, login for Swedish clients, etc.
  30. Version -- memory leak fixed
  31. Version - market_tradeout, hide prices with small offers, Goal Lines...
  32. Changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Trigger Development Service
  33. Evolution of betting
  34. Version -- force-match test bets; false virus alerts removed
  35. Version -- Limit the number of refreshed markets etc.
  36. New FREE scores service for football and tennis!
  37. Version - prefix for Each Way, a smoother Time Machine experience
  38. Sites and services downtime
  39. Slow sites
  40. Version - bet lifetime, total amount offered on back or lay and others
  41. BetFair changes the end of race suspension process
  42. 27 Jun 2017
  43. Version -- New tennis variable for game and set
  44. Version -- Memory leak fixed
  45. Version - Recurring import, writing to file with triggers and more...
  46. Australian Open Scores
  47. Sending SMS from MF Pro to your mobile
  48. Version Romanian access restored, AUS endpoint retired
  49. Retirement of AUS API Endpoint on September 20
  50. Direct messaging with WellDone Creative Software
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