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We are offering you a new way of communication (well, it's not new in other, especially bigger, companies, but still). In an effort to provide a faster response to minor and/or urgent questions, we're suggesting that you post a direct message to us from our FaceBook page:

Our FaceBook Page

So if you have a FB account, just go to the page above, click on the "Message" button (see the attached picture) and send us a message. We will receive it instantly on our mobiles and will be able to respond faster.

You can find us on FB by typing in "@marketfeeder" in the search bar or by this link

We welcome also questions concerning Time Machine, historical data, BFCharts, MarketLocator and other related products and services.

Please note: trigger requests will still need to be added through our usual "Make me a trigger!" path.

Thank you and looking forward to making your experience better!

WellDone Creative Software.
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Re: Direct messaging with WellDone Creative Software
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Nice idea.

I will stick with the forum as, thankfully, help is always forthcoming from the members on here.



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