• #1 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 18 Nov 2010
  • We are announcing a new service for MF Pro 6.5.

    You can now use triggers to send SMS messages to your mobile phone and / or to a list of mobile phones. The service is a fantastic opportunity to always know what's going on in the program if you left it working on its own while you're off to work or even travelling.

    All you need to get started is choose the right SMS package and configure your SMS settings through "Settings" -> "Email and SMS Options" -> "Open WDS SMS Service".

    Here's all you need to know about sending SMS from MF Pro.

    You can take advantage of this service in ANY COUNTRY where at least one mobile service provider is available.
  • #2 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 18 Nov 2010
  • Update:

    If you've had problems with "close block" triggers since the last upgrade, please re-load the setup file and reinstall it again.
    Thanks to the forum user Ronaldinho we detected certain compatibility issue with the previous version and have now removed it.

    So if it prompts you that there is a new version available, do download it.
  • #3 by DarkStorm on 19 Nov 2010
  • Hi Oxa,

    Thanks for this great new feature and update.

    I've noticed something very minor (a small spelling error)

    u]Email & SMS Options
    SMS Alets instead of SMS Alerts :)

    Cheers DarkStorm
  • #4 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 19 Nov 2010
  • Thank you DarkStorm! Shame on me!!!  :-\ Will fix the language file shortly.
  • #5 by Ronaldinho on 20 Nov 2010
  • Hi.
    Does it version have active " close block " ? Because it does not act still and in version how and 13...    . ?
    in First this  7 na 101 %  it does not act .In next the same  :-\ I tested this.
    the thanks in measure of time for answer,because I got tired from this to 1 in night ::)

    • Ronaldinho
  • #6 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 20 Nov 2010
  • in First this  7 na 101 %  it does not act .In next the same  :-\ I tested this.

    Could you please email support your trigger file and the file with your settings.
  • #7 by 1oser on 21 Nov 2010
  • great stuff
  • #8 by Ronaldinho on 21 Nov 2010
  • Oxa.
    However this  then repaired wer. 13 .I use editor xml,and I damaged file. This is over 120 trigger. This is advanced, easily about error.

    All ok .
    • Ronaldinho
  • #9 by Rayhd63 on 24 Dec 2016
  • Hello all,

    would like to take advantage of sms sending.
    Now I am not sure how to put in my number.

    if my cell number in Germany is   017712345678

    would I need to put in 49017712345678

    or  4917712345678 without the (0) ?!?

    Could someone help please.

  • #10 by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 25 Dec 2016
  • I believe it should be 4917712345678
  • #11 by Rayhd63 on 26 Dec 2016
  • Thank you , works fine.
    Now I need to figure out how to send me a SMS when it hits a trigger.
  • #12 by Tim (WellDoneSoft) on 26 Dec 2016
  • Trigger action "Send text/sms"