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1. We have introduced a new setting “Base price for small bets”, which is a price around which all small bets will be made. In light of the recent BetFair’s changes in regards to placing bets below the minimum, if you are laying a very small bet at a very low price, it will likely be rejected. Therefore, if you do not plan to bet at, say, prices less than 1.1, you can increase the chances for your bet to be accepted by setting the base price to 1.1. E.g. if you set it at 1.1, then whenever you want to lay £0.2 at 1.2, the program will first lay £2 at 1.1, then add £0.2, cancel the unnecessary £2 and set the odds to 1.2. This, of course, means that you can be left with a £2 bet matched at 1.1 if the current price has become 1.1 or lower. Previously, the base price used to be equal to 1.01. It is now 1.04 by default.

You can access the base price via the base_price variable.

2. We’ve added two variables for the current available funds and current balance, which are calculated automatically based on whether the Test Mode is on or off: my_funds, my_balance. There’s no need to use the IF(test_mode=1, test_funds, total_funds) as before, just use my_funds instead, and it will automatically adjust if you turn the Test Mode on/off.

3. You now have the ability to use trigger expressions in the names of files to which you write using the “write to a file” trigger action. Add any number of variables or trigger expressions in square brackets. Example:


The program will replace all special characters in the name of the file, such as backslashes, question marks, etc. with underscores.

4. Another improvement to the “write a file” action is that you can add a line break character to the file, and also remove the first or the last line using the following keywords:

[rmv_first] – remove the first line in the file;
[rmv_last] – remove the last line in the file.

Download a sample trigger file with the new features demonstrated.

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