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Based on our vast experience in dealing with customers' support tickets, I decided to tell you the only simplest and most efficient way of sendingyour triggers to someone.

Here it is: send the trigger file! The file is stored on your computer, in most cases it is "triggers.xml" which is stored in the folder where you have installed MarketFeeder Pro. So it probably will have the following path:

C:\Program Files\MarketFeeder Pro 6\triggers.xml

But if you saved it under a different name using the "Save As" button, then you probably know the path to the file. If not, open the "Triggers" window and read the path in the header of the window.

So find this file, and simply attach it to your email when we ask for it. In the same way you can send it to your friend or share it here on the forum.

Most popular wrong ways (sometimes quite creative ones) of sending the triggers

1. Typing the names and values of each field as plain text.
2. Making a screenshot of what is seen on the screen and sending this image to the support.
3. Opening the file and making the screenshot of the contents of the file (plain XML).
4. Copying the contents of the file into a MS Word document.
5. And the winner is..... photographing the screen where the triggers are open using a digital camera!!!

Please, please, please be reasonable and follow the advice I've given in the beginning of this post!
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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