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Is in the List
« on: 03 Mar 2024, 10:48 »
Hi, I wonder if there is an article anywhere that explains how best to use the "is in list" part of the trigger expression imported_x is in list.

I have been developing a trigger based on the win treble ones given on the site, and now have it how I want it, but it still uses the approach of typing in the horses name for each treble in turn.

So now to make it slicker, faster and more flexible I am trying to adapt it to taking the selections from a text document.

I think using the list may be the best way to go, but not sure how this feature actually works or the best way to approach it.

So for example, say I had 8 trebles, with horses appearing in multiple lines, can I structure one text document with

Treble 1 HorseA, HorseB, HorseC
Treble 2 HorseA, HorseC, HorseD
Treble 3 HorseA, HorseC, HorseE

etc, and is each line effectively a list - so I then say trigger expression imported_1 is in list Treble 1? if so will imported_1 pick up any horse that is listed against treble 1. This would then enable the current trigger actions to carry on as currently. (At present for treble one I have three OR components where selections name is equal to t1a, t1b, t1c and would like to replace these with "is in list" if that is the most logical approach.

I suspect there is more to it than this, but could do with a read of this feature as a concept so I understand how to get it set up properly using it as designed.

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Re: Is in the List
« Reply #1 on: 03 Mar 2024, 12:06 »
Have a look at Item 5. here. Perhaps you could use something like this.
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Re: Is in the List
« Reply #2 on: 03 Mar 2024, 12:18 »

thanks for the response, sadly that is not what I need.

With the trebles some will lose and stop and other will carry on, and so you cannot predetermine how many bets will be places on the later selections.

The trigger I have created is for up to 12 EW trebles, and as I say it works well with all the different horses manually added to each treble. I am just trying to work out the easiest way to replicate it in a text document.

I have searched on in the list but not found much, I just wondered if there was a document explaining how to use this, if not I will have a play when I have time to see if I can work it out. The fact that it asks for a list name when I have looked at this makes me think there is a way of breaking the text document down into lists.

So instead of the example above it may be that I need to set the list out as
Treble 1

Treble 2

and then use trigger expression sel_name is in list Treble 1 something like that.

I will have a play at some point, its just its alway easier if you can read how the feature was intended to be used, and as it exists I assume someone knows.


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