• #1 by RyanWolf on 10 Oct 2021
  • Got account closed due to "excessive data reading". Spoke directly to Data Marketing Team as adviced. Been told that over a period of 3 months I got 500 million requests. Yes, you read that right. 500 million. To get things straight, I used to follow around 100 markets daily via MFP. Not matches, just markets. How that adds up to such amount of requests, no idea. 

    They told me they may re-open my account under some circumstances. Basically Im not allowed even viewing markets manually (so I just cant open a game manually to have a look at odds) unless I bet such game. I can't even be logged in unless I place a bet. This is really riddiculous. Basically they force me to bet or Im out. Not being able to compare odds is insane and just dont know how to comment that. Even in a grocery shop when I get in Im not obliged to buy stuff. How they imagine full time traders being logged out and do their work when odds and volumes are not updated as fast as necessery, no idea. Not even talking about using MFP. Ive been trading there since years, paying PC, as you can imagine made them decent amount from comission so Im not a lurker and still they want me out. 

    If this is not sabotaging exchange I dont know what it is. Betfair attitude looks like worst corpo crap, lets cut all costs possible no matter what. They just want to operate as soft bookies, booting people who made them cost even a penny and leave mug bettors who jump in, place a bet and they are out. If access to their databse costs anything, I would gladly pay a fixed price but this isnt even possible, easiest to boot people who cause trouble cause they use api.
    MFP is useless for me then, what a shame. If anyone got idea how to bypass that bullshit, please let me know cause Im just disgusted at the moment.
  • #2 by MarkV on 10 Oct 2021
  • Hi RyanWolf
    Sorry to hear. I think your account is retrievable by contacting Betfair and assuring them of being careful about data usage. There was a similar situation last autumn when a number of MFP users and other software users had their accounts closed. I believe all MFP users had their accounts re-opened after contacting Betfair. The bottom line here is you need to put some money into the markets you are monitoring even if its a £2 unmatched bet 20 ticks better than current price.

    This is Oxa's comment from the topic linked above:
    Just try to increase the ratio of real bets to the number of markets refreshed -- that's all it takes really.
    Reduce market refresh.
    Delete unneeded markets as soon as possible.
    Do not launch Market Locator too frequently.
    Place at least some real bets, even if it is a simple trade-out, i.e. a back and a lay bet with a small profit or loss, just to keep BetFair happy.

    On the technical side regarding your question about data requests, there is a non-documented variable which returns average number of non-transactional data requests per minute. mntr_avg_mreqs
    for example I have 10 match odds markets refreshing at 14secs. This variable returns 87 to 92 data requests per minute.

    I do hope you gets things sorted with Betfair. email address is bdp at  
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  • email: bdp at
  • #4 by RyanWolf on 10 Oct 2021
  • Thanks, that really helps. Got my account back already. The reason Im upset about is that I just need to follow quite few markets every day to increase profit. Never thought just putting some money that got no chance to get matched in a market may make Betfair happy, or at least not unhappy about my betting pattern. Will try if Oxa's advices will work for me, gave up any hopes really but would be nice if that can make my account last.
  • #5 by MarkV on 10 Oct 2021
  • That was quick, well done. If you always just put unmatched money and monitor lots of markets with very few actual trades that is also possibly risking being viewed as a data mining. A mix of some unmatched money, some small actual trades, some markets no money, and some markets your own trades will be a better balance.