Author Topic: Market Locator Settings Help  (Read 1416 times)

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Market Locator Settings Help
« on: Sat, 16 September, 2017, 20:57 »
Hi All 

I need some help with the market locator settings. 

Football markets - Over/Under 

If they don't have the markets up to over/under 5.5 goals then do not select the game. 

Can anyone advise how i do this please


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Re: Market Locator Settings Help
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 17 September, 2017, 20:16 »
you can't do that in the Locator, so it's best to load the markets and use a trigger to delete the games that do not have all the markets.

this will delete soccer games that do not have OU3.5 / OU4.5 / OU5.5 (you can add the others if you want using the prefixes)
use condition blocks as shown:

delete market
selections: favourite
markets: soccer games
execute: once per market
          selections trigger expression football9_market_parent_id is greater than 0
          selections trigger expression football10_market_parent_id is greater than 0
          selections trigger expression football11_market_parent_id is greater than 0
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