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Trigger multiple exec
« on: Fri, 20 July, 2018, 14:18 »
Hi Guys!

I have a trigger that executes at a maximum of 3 times, so I want it to put different values each time it executes, for example, 10 at the first time, 15 at second time and 20 at the last time it executes on the same horse race;

IF(allbets_num=0,10), IF(allbets_num=1,15), IF(allbets_num=2,20)

Is that correct? Cause it dont enter in the markets; Is that the variable correct?


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Re: Trigger multiple exec
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 20 July, 2018, 14:55 »

Please read the following  disclaimer with regards to the information you may request and obtain on our forum. This specifically concerns trigger files and various instructions as to how to implement a strategy.