• #1 by shirtless on 08 Feb 2024
  • I am currently working on some ew treble triggers and have the win part working well, the EW I just wonder if there is a way to identify winning places.

    For example in the winning trebles I can have "trigger expression winner_name = X" to qualify that the backed selection was the winning selection.

    But for places the same phrase only works for the horse in the place market that is identified as the winner, the other places show as Winning Place.

    I have been able to make the trigger work using p/l of settled market, but as I am planning to have potential for multiple bets in the market I need to work out the specific profit on each selection and it is just this bit that is defeating me.

    I have looked in the help, but other than searching on winner_name and winning place not sure how to find if such a variable is available
  • #2 by shirtless on 08 Feb 2024
  • I wonder if you can use a combination of sel_place =< places ? I will give it a go and see
  • #3 by shirtless on 08 Feb 2024
  • Ok, ignore me, I got there with that in the end, would be interested to know if there is a way just to use a term that identifies a winning place as its a bit simpler
  • #4 by MarkV on 08 Feb 2024
  • Hi
    Previous winners prefix pw_ see description in helpfile at end of Win / Lose History page.
  • #5 by shirtless on 08 Feb 2024
  • Mark

    its not previous winners I was looking for it was place winners.

    I just wondered if there was an equivalent for the place markets for winner_name, if you use that in the place market it only  identifies the horse that won the race, it does not identify the other placing selections.

    I have got round it now by using sel_place =< places 
  • #6 by MarkV on 08 Feb 2024
  • Hi
    Ok pleased you have sorted it.

    just for info regarding pw_
    pw_3_sel_name for example will give name of selection that placed third in the last market that was settled before the current market. was wondering if you could use something like that for the place winners. 

    "Getting the information about winners in the previous market
    You can access the information about the selections (horses, teams, players) that won in the last market that was settled earlier than the market you're currently in.
    Use prefix pw_[number of winner]_ for that purpose.
    For example, to know the name of the horse that took first place in the previous settled horse race, write pw_1_sel_name. If no markets have been settled yet, or these markets are not present in "My Markets" list, this will return 0, otherwise it'll return the name of the winning selection.
    If there was more than one winner in the event (such as in place markets), you case use a different index to get the parameters of the second, third place etc.
    pw_2_last_traded - this will get you the last traded price of the horse that took the second place.
    Please note that this information can only be available in Settled markets."