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Any changes?
« on: 05 Jul 2021, 22:38 »

I am a big fan of the project but have lost hope when I bought huge amounts of data and ended up not being able to test my triggers without sitting in front of my computer and doing all the manual job - loading the markets by clicking on the table on the left, waiting, testing, loading again, testing and so on. Loading larger amounts of data at once of course resulted in the whole program freezing.

Several years have passed and I wonder if there are any improvements in the way markets are imported, analyzed, reimported etc. Can Time Machine be used to test triggers on larger amounts of historical data? Are there any plans to make it happen?



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Re: Any changes?
« Reply #1 on: 06 Jul 2021, 08:16 »

We constantly improve performance and stability of the software. Agree with you - running hundreds of markets could be a pain. But to be honest the amount of the data is big enough for such complicated software/triggers. Unfortunately a significant improvement of the performance requires significant changes in TM code. For now just a few our customers have purchased such amount of data. We are not ready yet to rewrite it completely. Sorry.

The good news that we are developing a completely new BetFair historical data service when you'll be able to run your strategy on all the data we have (with filters of course) as fast as it's possible (in synthetical tests we've got 2-30 seconds for a run) without buying the data itself.
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Re: Any changes?
« Reply #2 on: 06 Jul 2021, 11:59 »
Hi Tim,

Thanks for the quick reply. Such service is definitely something I would be interested in. Do you mind sharing more information? I assume you would charge per test? Would it be connected to MF Pro or would it be a self-standing service?



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