Author Topic: Can I backtest on the time machine automatically??  (Read 756 times)

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Hello guys, 

I am new here maybe my question is not clear, I am wondering if it's possible to backtest a trigger automatically on a large sample size of 15 000 soccer game in one click??


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Re: Can I backtest on the time machine automatically??
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First of all it'll cost you a lot. Because the data is not free.
In additional the amount of data you asking for is about 100+ Gb - hours to download and unpack (the data is encrypted).
Then it'll take days to run your triggers on the data even on maximum speed.
So it's possible and definitely way faster than without TimeMachine but you probably don't call it "in one click".

What we can offer you is a custom report from our brand new service BF Stats.
How it works:
1. You describe your trigger idea (privately of course).
2. We discuss parameters, constants and variables for the report. Invoice -> payment ;)
3. We create a trigger and run it on all our data. Then we create a report where you can play with the variables and get p/l "in one click".

1. Cheaper.
2. Really one click.
3. Nothing to download. You even don't need MarketFeeder. But we provide a ready to go set of triggers for the strategy. Also you can purchase TimeMachine data after filtering out markets don't meet the variables you choose from report to not waste money and time.
4. We run it on all the data we have and will have in one year ahead.

1. You can't change the strategy/algorithm after the report creation (you can for additional cost).
2. You don't own the raw data, but consolidated figures based on the parameters.

Please take a look at 2 free reports (football, horse racing) we have on the site to get an idea how it could look like and contact us if you like the idea and ready to go further or have any questions.
Thank you.
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