Author Topic: I need to backtest a strategy with this criteria  (Read 1180 times)

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I have a horse betting strategy idea which I've been back testing manually, and I've got quite a few different variations of this strategy to keep on testing which is going to take days and days to complete. I was just wondering if maybe the time machine can do this for me.

Basically I'd like to trigger a bet if:

-It's a horse race (not a greyhound race)
-The number of horses running are between 8 and 13
-The race is not a maiden race
-The favourite horse came in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in it's last race
-The favourite was within 2 lengths of the winner if it placed in it's last race
-The track condition is the same as it was in the favourite's last race
-The favourite's last race was under 21 days ago
-The track distance is the exact same length as it was in the favourite's last race
-The jockey/driver is NOT an apprentice
-The weight of the jockey is NOT more than it was in the favourite's last race (if applicable)

I'm not sure if this is doable with this software, but could someone at least let me know if it is? Then we can proceed.


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Re: I need to backtest a strategy with this criteria
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I think you can get a large chunk of those criteria through the silks and form data but I don't think you will get all.
If you search the manual (9mb pdf) for "silks" and read through the Silks Variables, you should get an idea of what data is included in the markets. Also if you look at section there is the Form information available.  
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