• #1 by Dean Berry on 03 Jan 2018
  • I've subscribed for a month in order to try out MF Pro, specifically Time Machine. I have to say I'm finding it incredibly frustrating. I'm aiming to create the most basic trigger. My real goal is to generate data to be analysed later in excel. I want to do this by copying the statement to an excel spreadsheet.

    My interest is in Greyhounds and I've bought a months worth of data which is thousands of races.

    My plan is to lay all the first favourites in all the races and save the data. Then lay all the second favourites, then the third, etc, until I have data for all 6 dogs in every race.  

    I am primarily interested in To Be Placed markets.

    My first problem is in selecting the Place markets - is there a quicker way to do this than selecting individually thousands of races?

    My real frustration is the use of triggers. As all the examples seem quite complex I've opted to create my own - a simple "Lay The Favourite". See attached.

    I've created my own constant for the bet value as when it was the default lay bet value it was always laying a value of 4 - even when I changed the Default Lay amount to 10 on the panel. 10 is a much handier value for analysing the results later.

    For a short test I've created a "My Markets" list of To Be Placed events and restored all the settings to default.

    When I run Time Machine with these criteria no bets are placed at all. I have added no conditions. The Triggers icon is green. In the course of my experiments I have the occasional bet placed but I can't seem to do it with any logic or consistency.

    Has anyone got any tips or pointers? I've read the manual back to front, checked all the settings, watched the videos but I'm at a loss. 
  • #2 by Dean Berry on 03 Jan 2018
  • Okay - straight away I've seen my own error. In an attempt to place bets only in Place Markets I'd created an invalid condition which stopped it from ever triggering. I did this so I could select all markets and hopefully only place conditions in the Place markets, ignoring the Win markets. This was so I didn't have to manually select all the To Be Placed races. However that didn't work - the Time Machine window only showed the Win market and I couldn't find a convenient way to bet only on the Place..

    I'm at the start of the learning curve..
  • #3 by Raaz on 14 Jan 2018
  • Heya Dean

    The trigger you have shown will bet only in the place market as long as you remove the conditions on the right. 

    the left side determines the selections, market, frequency and state of market. The market can be narrowed to specific sports and markets. yours already says place markets.  The trigger is activated at the start of monitoring (set in settings and market status combined). 

    You can open the trigger dialogue box (before the trigger editor) and monitor and select specific blocks in situ. A warning of what is blocking the trigger is usually stated as soon as the markets are active. 

    i hope this helps.

  • #4 by rubold on 15 Jan 2018
  • You should only be betting in greyhound markets when the liquidity is high a few seconds before the off
    Use a condition: Markets minutes before the off is equal or less than 0.1

    Start monitoring markets at 1 min before the off (in settings).

    You can remove the win markets by adding a Delete Market trigger and Win Markets for the markets selection.  No conditions required.  This will delete them as soon as the markets are monitored.