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Hi guys,

Long time MF user, recently discovered the joys to TM.  Loving it.  But, it is slow.  It is probably fabulously clever / efficient at what it is doing, but I am finding that my "run" of each trigger is taking 5-6 hours at present, and I only want to throw more data at it in the coming weeks.  So, I'd like to work out best practice for making it faster.  

Here's my setup...

* horse racing data, only wanting InPlay analysis
* have about 3 weeks worth of BF data purchased / downloaded at the mo, working well as a proof-of-concept, but want to drop more data at it
* PC = 9 year old HP XW6600 workstation, twin Intel Xeon 3GHz 4-core CPUs, 32gb of memory, HDD (not SSD); this PC seems to demolish most tasks easily enough, despite its age; GPU is GTX750Ti, I assume TM is not GPU-optimised / limited ?
* trigger is not amazingly complex, only 4 Conditions at the mo, handful of variables; trigger only bets once per Selection per Market; at most it makes 20 bets per Meeting
* the speed timer slider thing is naturally set to Fast

I'm particularly interested in Settings stuff, I currently run InPlay updates at 1sec or 0.5sec, and I set it to only log for 1min before race start, any other settings I should optimise ?

So any tips on making TM operate faster - is it particularly grateful for more RAM or more CPU cores or faster single CPU clock speed or a better GPU or more SSD vs HDD or... etc etc ?  

Many thanks !


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If you only need inplay and don't need the minute before the off I would suggest:
in the monitoring options, set start monitoring events at 0.16 mins before the beginning, or even 0.08
and in TM options make sure the two tick boxes are ticked
-jump to the start of market refresh
-speed up fastest 
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I have always found TM to be adequately fast, but I have only ever tested 1 day at a time.  Is your 5-6 hours for the 3 weeks of data you referred to?   If so then that probably appears satisfactory, but I would suggest that more RAM would certainly improve performance as that is a lot of data to be loaded at once.