• #1 by alexbetmaster on 03 Jul 2015
  • Hello,

    I have an issue with Time Machine.

    I bougth 1 month of horse racing markets and now I test my triggers on specific markets, so in total I have up to 130 markets loaded in Time Machine for tests.

    During high speed test which I run from begining (from 1st market in timeline) there are no glitches, everything runs smoothly.

    However once I try to select some market for manual review in normal speed (for example from 90st market in list) it starts normaly, but then freezes for 20-30sec like it is checking something.

    I already cleared statement before manual review, but it didn't help.
    I tried it in VPS and on home laptop with Windows - same results, so it is not PC dependent issue.

    Maybe there are some settings that I need to turn off for this not to happen.

    Any advise will be usefull.

    Best Regards,
  • #2 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 07 Jul 2015
  • Hi Alex,

    In what way do you navigate to the 90th market in your list, i.e. after or before you start TM, what buttons do you press etc.?
  • #3 by alexbetmaster on 07 Jul 2015
  • Hello and thank you for reply,

    Issue appears only when I press STOP then I use ARROW BACK to navigate to markets beginning and then I press START (PLAY). It loads market (takes some time and I think this is ok) then it plays normally for about 15-20s and then market freezes for 20-30s or sometimes even more for no apparent reason.

    Best Regards,
  • #4 by LarpHager on 07 Jul 2015
  • Hi,

    I would make note of the markets I wanted to have a look it for whatever reasons, copy and open a new TM profile, then just load the required markets I need to double check.

    That way, your main TM can run smoothly with your full list of markets in the background and you can do your other work with the 2nd profile on the selected markets.

    At least that would stop it freezing and possibly having to reload all your markets.

    • LarpHager
  • #5 by alexbetmaster on 07 Jul 2015
  • Hi,

    Yes, I'm doing exactly like this.

    I just thought that there is some option that is enabled by default and that I can turn OFF for this issue not to appear.

    It's OK, if there is none.

    Best Regards,
  • #6 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 08 Jul 2015
  • Alex, is there a chance you could record a video of this freezing? Tried to reproduce this issue but failed. Does this only happen when you have 90 markets, or having just 9 of them is enough?
  • #7 by alexbetmaster on 08 Jul 2015
  • Hello,

    Here I've uploaded video to my google drive, I believe you can watch it online.

    Issue is seen on 5m 44s of the video.

    Afterwards there is an error message, however it is irrelevant, since time machine is launched on VPS and error message is from my home windows.

    Best Regards,
  • #8 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 08 Jul 2015
  • Thanks for the video Alex. Always much easier to deal with a video than with a vague problem description.

    I managed to reproduce this freezing and I know the reason for this, however, it'll take me time to think of how to fix this.

    The program freezes when it has to settle multiple markets all at once after you move the timeline slider and restart Time Machine. You will notice that a lot of markets become grey in the market list on the left. That means they become Finished and need to be settled, i.e. their winners must be determined. Settling a market takes some time and processor resources. When there is a queue of markets to settle (you have lots of them, so the queue is long), the program may freeze (i.e. stop reacting to the user input) in order to complete this task. Once it can resume its work, you will proceed from where you were before that.

    In real life, when trading on BetFair, you don't have this situation because events take place one after another and don't finish all at once.

  • #9 by alexbetmaster on 08 Jul 2015
  • Thank you for explanation. I hope my input provided will help you to resolve this issue in some of future updates.