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  1. relating PL outcome of a specific trigger to future actions?
  2. Novo Gatilho
  3. Please can you make me the following trigger
  4. Greening up and other conditions
  5. Limiting number of markets open
  6. preventing trigger from betting on same event with multiple markets
  7. Fa├ža-me um gatilho em Lay galgos com acumulador de lucros.
  8. Formulas
  9. Avoid betting on drifters
  10. Trigger Help lay_amount
  11. Help with a trigger please
  12. Placing a bet on one more goal
  13. LTD with stop loss variation
  14. Placing a bet where a decent sum of money exists
  15. How To Find Why Crashing?
  16. writing specific values for each event to excel
  17. Help with trigger based on change in volume
  18. Test Mode Pop Up Message
  19. Advice please
  20. Running multiple strategies
  21. modify trigger request
  22. Trigger check
  23. Finding a Market in the Triggered Betting Statement
  24. Slight change to trigger for fave in place market but im a nube
  25. Modify trigger request
  26. three-back-bets-over-05/
  27. Place Back Bets on individual selections within odds range
  28. Min Odds Constant Query ?
  29. Inappropriate market status (Idle)
  30. Modify trigger request
  31. Deleting Markets
  32. Placing second bet in correct score
  33. Non-runners
  34. Trigger condition
  35. Modification on Lay Greyhound Loss Recovery trigger
  36. How to trigger 5 mins before the off
  37. lay-0-3-correct-score with Profit Accumulator
  38. Preciso de um gatilho
  39. Over/Under Martingale (Football)
  40. can these triggers go in one block
  41. Green-Up not working
  42. None of the selections qualifies for a green up.
  43. Trigger firing when it shouldn't?
  44. Minutes since the off - value negative before the off?
  45. matching_number for minimum number of runners after filtering large lay prices
  46. Understanding time
  47. Adicionar Freebet
  48. I need a trigger, horse race
  49. Pause Daily Betting when Profit Target Met
  50. Trigger greyhound with list LAY
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