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Hi all,

Apologies if the answer to this is blindingly obvious but I'm struggling with finding a solution.

I'm using several different profiles/strategies which independently may bet on the same selections in the same markets. There may also be other bets on the same selections placed manually through other trading tools etc.

What I want to do is to be able to separate each different MFPro strategy so that I can keep record of the individual banks that they run from. To do this I need to be able to know exactly how much each separate strategy has actually matched on a selection when the market (say a race) begins.

So for a race ...

Just before the race a trigger for a strategy determines that a bet should be placed and places it.

The bet may be matched, partially matched, or unmatched so I can't just use the stake that was used in the bet - that would mean an assumption that the whole stake was matched (this is what I'm doing at the moment but it causes errors from time to time). However I can't just check the back_matched on the selection either because there may be other money matched from other bets outside of this trigger.

The race begins - at point of in-play I want to know how much THIS trigger/strategy (and this one alone) got matched on the selection. Bear in mind that other bets from other sources on the same selection may have been matched before or since the trigger placed its bet so the bet that the trigger placed was not necessarily the first or last bet placed.

Is there any way to do this within the trigger that placed the bet ? I looked to see if I could assign the bet IDs immediately after processing the back trigger and query them for back_matched but doesn't seem to be an option.

Again sorry if the answer is obvious (I hope it is  :)) and thanks for having the patience to read this far.



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Re: Accessing back matched in markets with 'other' bets
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Sorry but there are no easy way to solve this.

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Re: Accessing back matched in markets with 'other' bets
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I would agree with Tupp here. There is little hope of getting all that done.

Just thought that maybe if you staggered the bets by time, maybe you could record it that way but the unmatched would be a hindrance


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