• #1 by connieanne on 04 Sep 2014
  • The trigger examples which you have to right click here to download are unavoidable.  Where can we download triggers from.  There are several that look interesting including the the kill or Fill triggers.  What's happened to the support Email address as I want to follow up a trigger a request made on 27th of August. 
  • #2 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 05 Sep 2014
  • I'm not sure what you mean by trigger examples being unavoidable... Did you mean unavailable? All you need to download a trigger file is just click on the link saying "Download trigger file" on the example page.

    I'll look into the unfinished topics that you started in the "Make me a trigger" section.
  • #3 by connieanne on 06 Sep 2014
  • Yes, thank you, it should have read unavailable.  The kill all fill trigger example requires you to right click here  to download the trigger.  You would normally then choose Save target as..  Unfortunately this option is not available.  It may be that the problem is at my end.  If you are unable to access the kill or fill  download would you kindly forward a copy.
    Kind regards,
  • #4 by Oxa (WellDoneSoft) on 07 Sep 2014
  • Attaching the trigger file below.
  • #5 by connieanne on 07 Sep 2014
  • Thank you very much for the attachment. 
  • #6 by connieanne on 08 Sep 2014
  • Hi,

    I have unsuccessfully tried to open this file.  It contained a text file that opened in the windows Office.  The indecipherable text is in Arabic format.  You can tell from the chevron patterns and layout of the Arabian text that this is the written computer language for constructing the trigger.

    This information is available when you perform a normal left click on the mouse whilst hoverring over the 'right click here'-button to download the trigger.

    This is the scenario I had initially described as ' triggers being unavailable '.  Did you try might cliCking the right click here button to download the trigger example?

    I do not want to waste your time over this but I really did think it would be rather simple.

    Kind regards,
  • #7 by racepro on 08 Sep 2014
  • Hi Connieanne,
    Does the file in question have extension  .mft  ?
    If not change it.
    It should look like this   matching-bets.mft
  • #8 by MarkV on 08 Sep 2014
  • Hi
    The trigger file mentioned is in the .xml format used by version 6 of the program.

    You can use the trigger editor to open older .xml trigger files. They will automatically be converted and you can then save them as .mft files.

    I have attached the converted trigger file below for you.
  • #9 by connieanne on 09 Sep 2014
  • Thank you for getting to the bottom of this.