Author Topic: [TR] Alternate bet  (Read 1406 times)

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[TR] Alternate bet
« on: 14 Apr 2017, 13:00 »
I'm with this trigger based, where the default bet is always in the 4th favorite. I wish I could switch between the 4th and 5th favorite, for example. It's possible?

Thank you.

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Re: Alternate bet
« Reply #1 on: 20 Apr 2017, 09:46 »

I am attaching the amended triggers. I have also added constants for the minimum and maximum prices of the favourite (the first favourite, regardless of the one you choose).

See the three new constants below the others.
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Re: [TR] Alternate bet
« Reply #2 on: 20 Apr 2017, 13:06 »
Thank you very much. I'll try it today!


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