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Back at SP [TCKT15052013SP]
« on: 15 May 2013, 14:23 »
Hi All
I want to lay and then back at SP to scalp a profit. So, lay £10 at 5 on a horse not in play and then back at SP to hopefully make a profit if I've guessed correctly that SP will be a tad higher.

I have tried (bm_laya*bm_lap)/actual_sp but that doesn't work. Say, SP turns out to be 5.5 then I would like my stake to be (10x5)/4.5, which is £9.09 for a small profit of 91p less commission. Obviously, idea is based on some statistical anaylsis of which horses return good SPs and the intention is to bet a good number of horses per day and increase stakes if strategy works.

Is it impossible to use actual_sp because my bet is part of the process by which the actual_sp is calculated by Batfair and so I'm putting the cart before the horse? Is there another way.


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Re: Back at SP
« Reply #1 on: 15 May 2013, 15:05 »
if you are betting on one of the first 3 favourite's, the the closest that you will get for a calculation is
this will give you a small profit if the selection were to lose or 0 loss if it won
or you could use
for a small profit win or lose

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Re: Back at SP
« Reply #2 on: 15 May 2013, 16:18 »
Thanks, McBee, incredibly helpful as usual. You should write a short ebook on MFPro tricks and tips. I'd buy it.


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