Author Topic: Back U0.5 -> U1.5 -> U2.5 etc  (Read 9724 times)

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Re: Back U0.5 -> U1.5 -> U2.5 etc
« Reply #15 on: 11 Dec 2013, 13:58 »
the selections index for UNDER is 1
so do you want the index 1 ( Under 2.5) to be LESS THAN x
i have made a trigger to check the price difference between the over and under, if the price of the under is x percent less than the over price
i have a trigger ready to alter and tested, but i need to be sure that it is the correct selection to check the price.


Under 2.5 has to be less than 2 over 2.5 has to be over 2... Same as in Under 3.5 and Correct Score trigger.

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Re: Back U0.5 -> U1.5 -> U2.5 etc
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here is a trigger for you to test
in the constants you can set
Bet amount
Maximum lay price for the total goals market
Minimum markets matched volume for the over/under market
Time to  record prices in the under/over market          in minutes
Maximum price for the under market
Percent difference between over and under                        under less than %

the triggers will delete any other total goals market and leave only total goals - total goals.
then the triggers will set the idle and in-play refresh limits
at the time you set the over/under prices will be checked and if within your settings
after in-play and the market supports score1 and score2, the lay bets will be placed.

please use test mode until you are happy with your settings


download the trigger below
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