Author Topic: Backing and laying in half time markets  (Read 1588 times)

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Backing and laying in half time markets
« on: Fri, 24 October, 2014, 09:00 »
Hi is it possible to create the following:
in play only back the draw in half time 1x2 market and lay 0 -0 in halftime correct score market if the following conditions are met.if the back price of the draw in the halftime 1x2 is greater then the lay price in the half time correct score market.the stakes are the same for both bets.thanks Colin

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Re: Backing and laying in half time markets
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 31 October, 2014, 11:52 »
Hi Coling,

Apologies for the time it took me to get to this.

I am attaching your triggers. In the constants you can set the size of your bets.

Later today, I will also add alternative triggers that will do the same in version 8 (to compare how much easier it is now).
Always try your triggers in Test Mode before switching to real money!

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