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Backing At SP Under 5
« on: 15 Mar 2012, 16:30 »
Hi all.

Please can anyone help... Need a simple trigger to place SP bets on all horses at 5 or under.
Can you set a price limit on an SP bet?

Thanks for any Reply's

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Re: Backing At SP Under 5
« Reply #1 on: 15 Mar 2012, 16:54 »
Since the Sp bet is variable depending on market sentiment and can change rapidly between placing the bet and the SP being returned; is it not possible to have a price limit on the sp bet only on the price at the time that the sp bet is placed.
The trigger you need is attached.
Hope that helps.
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Re: Backing At SP Under 5
« Reply #2 on: 15 Mar 2012, 17:04 »
For Back the price limit is the minimum.
So if you set a limit to 5 and actual SP is less than 5 the bet will not be matched.
But you can place bet at in-play with a condition...
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Re: Backing At SP Under 5
« Reply #3 on: 15 Mar 2012, 19:15 »
Thanks Betfair Winner.. I will try it tomorrow.

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Re: Backing At SP Under 5
« Reply #4 on: 26 Jan 2014, 18:41 »
I'm currently working on some SP bets. Any tips please for a trigger?
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