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« on: 12 Apr 2013, 14:37 »
Either I'm missing something fundamental or this (and the similar new variables) aren't working properly.

To test I just set up a simple trigger to perform an action on condition that bu_bpricedat{100} = 0.

Now unless I'm missing something, that should return true in any market I have not bet in.  But it returned false.

bu_bpricedat{100} <> 0 returned true.

Help please!

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Re: bu_bpricedat{price}
« Reply #1 on: 12 Apr 2013, 16:09 »
can i ask are using


because the first is not logical, but the second one is

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Re: bu_bpricedat{price}
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Yes, I had the {} on.

Schoolboy error but I am in my first term.

Thanks again McBee


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