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default ticks for 'Bet to Greenup'
« on: 16 Jun 2016, 18:45 »

I have been doing some manual trading using the price ladder, and have had some success. The problem I have is that the ladder seems to use 1 tick when I get a bet matched on Lay/Back, and click the 'Bet to Greenup', I know in each Market, there is an option to set Auto Greenup, and this has a setting to adjust the stop loss and gain ticks. I don't want to use this, I would rather use the Bet to Greenup button, but I don't know how to choose how many ticks I want it to use for greening up, so I have had to develop an application to give me the amount to back/lay and the tick level I need to place the bet. this is of course a little cumbersome.

The only option I can find in Settings is the Betting Options tab, and the section labelled Auto Greenup, but that only adjusts what has already been mentioned.

Is there a way to get the Bet to Greeup button to take a configurable amount of ticks?




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