Author Topic: Different instances (profiles) of MFP open, targeting the same market  (Read 83 times)

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So for the sake of argument, let's say I have to instances (profiles) of MFP open, and the triggers are targeting the same market.
Let's say I want the trigger in profile2 to place a bet in a market, but only if no bets have already been placed in this market by the trigger in profile1. 

Is there a function or method that can check for this.?

Thanks in advance.!


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Three things to mention here:
  • There is a setting in Betting Options: ignore all bets except those placed in the current MFP profile. This will give you the converse of what you are asking. This setting only works for unsettled bets (matched and unmatched, but not yet settled). See the helpfile for more info on this setting.
  • If you are simply wanting to bet if there are no bets in the market, market_mbnum+market_mlnum+market_ubnum+market_ulnum is equal to 0. The setting in point 1. above must be unticked
  • It is difficult to identify bets from a specific profile, so generally to identify a profile a slightly different stake amount can be used. e.g. profile 1 stake = £3.01, profile 2 stake = £3.02
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